Client Testimonials


“A healing session with Melynda and Elke creates a path for connecting to the deepest parts of me, like a journey to my soul with expert guides that gently lead me to a sense of wholeness and a new level of self-understanding. They helped me to trust and allow my body to become aware of its capacity and power for healing. I have found peace of mind, reduced tremors and fatigue, reduced pain and anxiety, and a new awareness of the power of the mind-body connection. I recommend this experience to anyone in emotional or physical pain, eager to discover a path of guided self-healing.”

C.F., Middle School Teacher, Connecticut


“Elke and Melynda are extraordinary healers. They both seem to tap into other fields, dimensions, and intelligent structures during the session. They use this sacred information to heal the physical and subtle bodies. After each session I’ve felt a stronger immune system, better digestion, and emotional releases. They cleared my house and business of dark energies. It feels so much better! My staff and customers comment on the great energy of the space.”

D.N., Business Owner, New York

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“Melynda and Elke made me feel comfortable and safe. They are both very caring, kind, compassionate, and generous. I can sense that they feel what I experience. The few words I can put together after my session are: peace wholeness, strength, balance, clarity.

L.E., Band Director, Connecticut

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“Elke and Melynda are two angels. They helped me through a challenging time. I feel alive and stronger. They helped me be myself again. I’m happier and creating new art through my photography. They cleared my studio and aligned it with me. My clients love coming here. My work continues to be a success.”

F.B., Photographer, New York