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We were both successful teachers when we decided to step onto a different career path of empowering people to heal. Melynda was a law professor with clinical tenure. Elke was a high school teacher and department chair. We both enjoyed our careers and were inspired by our students to expand our teaching to include our healing arts knowledge. Melynda taught her law students meditation and centering in their bodies; Elke offered an after-school yoga program and mindfulness meditation. Eventually, we decided to shift the empowerment of people to heal themselves to the forefront of our life’s work.

With a collective thirty years of experience in the healing arts, we offer energetic clearing and nourishing solutions to meet your needs. Using geologic and geometric tools to balance energies, we work with people and their spaces to ensure harmony within themselves, with each other, and the planet.

We offer Individual Sessions and continue to teach, now through our Workshops and Classes.


Your Self

Nourish Yourself with Healingmelynda-gem-hands

We combine a variety of energy healing modalities to help balance and clear your body’s energies, so you can feel your best. We select therapies and protocols from these modalities to best serve your intention for healing and growth.

Elke holds a Masters in Yoga Therapy, and has trained in Sacred Geometry, Reconnective Healing, Shiatsu, and more. Melynda is a certified Gemstone Therapy Practitioner, and teaches courses in Gemstone Therapy, Diamond Therapy, and Gemstone Yoga. Both have trained in Pranic Healing and are Reiki Masters.

Your Home

Energetic Balancing of Personal Spaces

elke-sageYour home is an energetic extension of you – it literally holds your energy. When your home is cluttered with unwanted energies, or unbalanced by energetic currents or electro-magnetic radiation, it is difficult to function at your best.

We clear and balance both your home and its inhabitants, so that you and your family have an energetically nurturing and supportive space in harmony with you.

Your Workspace

a65r4361-copy-cropAlign Your Business for Success

Just as your home is the vessel that holds your energies, your office holds the energies of your business. Work spaces quickly become repositories for dis-harmonious energies, from high-speed wi-fi to the energetic residues of stress. The energy of the business itself can also become depleted or accumulate unwanted energies.

We clear and harmonize the energies of your workspace and business, so that it can better support teamwork, success, and growth.


“… a path to connecting to the deepest parts of me.”

“A healing session with Melynda and Elke creates a path for connecting to the deepest parts of me, like a journey to my soul with expert guides that gently lead me to a sense of wholeness and a new level of self understanding.

They helped me to trust and allow my body to become aware of its capacity and power for healing. I have found peace of mind, reduced tremors and fatigue, reduced pain and anxiety and a new awareness of the power of the mind-body connection.

I recommend this experience to anyone in emotional or physical pain, eager to discover a path of guided self healing.”

C. F., CTE Middle School Teacher, Connecticut

"They cleared my home and business."
“They cleared my house and business. It feels so much better!”

“Elke and Melynda are extraordinary healers. They both seem to tap into other fields, dimensions, and intelligent structures during the session. They use this sacred information to heal the physical and subtle bodies. I’ve had many sessions with them and after each one I’ve felt a stronger immune system, better digestion, and emotional releases. They cleared my house and business of dark energies. It feels so much better! My staff and customers comment on the great energy of the space.”

D. N., Business Owner, Brooklyn, New York



“…peace, wholeness, strength, balance, clarity.”

“Melynda and Elke made me feel comfortable and safe. They are both very caring, kind, compassionate, and generous. I can sense that they feel what I experience. The few words I can put together after my session are: peace, wholeness, strength, balance, clarity. Thank you for giving me so much of your time and attention! ”

L. E., Band Director, Connecticut






“They helped me be myself.”

“Elke and Melynda are two angels. They helped me through a challenging time. I feel alive and stronger. They helped me be myself again. I’m happier and creating new art through my photography. They cleared my studio and aligned it with me. My clients love coming here. My work continues to be a success.”

F. B., Photographer and Artist, NYC




"I feel confident and courageous as if nothing can make me falter."
“I feel confident and courageous as if nothing can make me falter.”

“I feel calm, serene, focused, released and whole. I had the best morning with the students at school I have had in a long time. The energy I have is focused. My vision inwardly is clear, if that makes any sense. I feel confident and courageous as if nothing can make me falter. Thank you!”

L. L., Music Teacher, Connecticut





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