Your Self

Nourish Yourself with Healing

Two practitioners combine a variety of energy healing modalities to help balance and clear your body’s energies, so you can feel your best. We select therapies and protocols from these modalities to best serve your intention for healing and growth. Sessions can be remote or in-person.

Elke offers individual healing sessions combining Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Johrei, Shiatsu, and sacred geometry. Melynda offers individual Gemstone and Diamond Therapy sessions, as well as gemstone mandala readings.

Your Home

Energetic Balancing of Personal Spaces

Your home is an energetic extension of you – it literally holds your energy. When your home is cluttered with unwanted energies, or unbalanced by energetic currents or electro-magnetic radiation, it is difficult to function at your best.

We clear and harmonize both your home and its inhabitants, so that you and your family have an energetically nurturing and supportive space in balance with you.

Your Workspace

Align Your Business for Success

Just as your home is the vessel that holds your energies, your office holds the energies of your business. Work spaces quickly become repositories for dis-harmonious energies, from high-speed wi-fi to the energetic residues of stress. The energy of the business itself can also become depleted or accumulate unwanted energies.

We clear and harmonize the energies of your workspace and business, so that it can better support teamwork, success, and growth.