2016-09-26-18-42-04We provide supportive energetic solutions to individuals, families, businesses, and the spaces they inhabit. Thus, our services fall into two primary categories: healing sessions for individuals and clearing sessions for homes and businesses.

Individual sessions for adults and children involve both practitioners, and last about an hour. To support the client’s intention for healing, the practitioners draw from multiple energy healing modalities during a session to provide the client with the energetic nourishment needed for transformation. Sessions can be held at our space in New York City, or can be held at the client’s home. Because energetic shifts can take time to root in one’s life, we recommend at least three sessions. Contact us regarding pricing and multi-session packages.

Space clearing and balancing sessions also involve both practitioners, and the length of time for these sessions varies based on the size of the home or business. The first session is usually the longest, as we can provide some permanent energy balancing solutions for spaces. For homes, we recommend that the people who live in the home are present, so they can also receive energetic clearing and balancing. This helps both the family and the space to clear gracefully. For businesses, we suggest that the owners of the business be present to assist in the balancing process. Each space clearing includes a remote follow-up session. Contact us regarding pricing and multi-session packages.