a65r3554-copy-cropElke grew up in the Austrian Alps. There she collected herbs with her grandmother and prepared remedies for all kinds of ailments. With her father she dowsed for water currents and electrical lines in homes, that had created a negative effect on people’s health.

In 1991 she moved to the USA. She studied Shiatsu at the Ohashi Institute and furthered her education as a student of Pauline Sasaki who introduced her to Quantum Shiatsu. She became a Reiki Master, Johrei Practitioner and took classes in Pranic Healing. In 1998 she became a Preventive & Rehabilitative Therapist and received her diploma as a Yoga Therapist/Teacher at the Bateman Institute.

She continued her studies to the highest level of Reconnective Healing and is currently a student of BioGeometry.

Elke has taught classes to teenagers and adults, to give them tools to take their healing process into their own hands and to support them with grace through many life transitions.


a65r4187-copy-copy-cropMelynda is an intuitive healer who trusts in each person’s innate ability to heal themselves. Her years of training have developed her skills of sensing energy patterns and flows in order to help regulate and balance energies in people, pets, and physical spaces.

After becoming a Reiki Master and exploring Pranic Healing, Melynda’s love of healing gemstones led to her intensive training in Gemstone Therapy. She has been active in the development of the related modality of Diamond Therapy. She remains in awe of the powerful life transformations people have experienced with the supportive frequencies of the earth’s therapeutic crystals.

Melynda also teaches introductory and practitioner classes in Gemstone Therapy and Diamond Therapy through the Gemstone Therapy Institute (www.gemstonetherapyinstitute.org).