2016-09-27-15-22-27Space Clearing is a catch-all term referencing the clearing, aligning, and balancing of the energies in a room or building. Just like other forms of dirt, unwanted energies can get caught in corners or collect in disused areas. It is as necessary to energetically clear a room as it is to sweep the floor and tidy. Balancing a room’s energies can help shift energetic patterns and alignments. This allows both the room, and the people living or working in that space, to reach its highest potential.

At Geo Healing Arts, we use a combination of energy balancing modalities including Sacred Geometry, gemstones, and dowsing techniques. We assess and locate the key energetic gridlines in the space, such as electrical or water lines, and then help balance those energies and neutralize negative influences. We also refresh rooms energetically, clearing out unwanted or disused energies.

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