Gemstone Therapy, as practiced by Geo Healing Arts, uses natural, high-quality crystals as powerful resonators of particular frequencies. Each gemstone, because of its particular crystalline matrix and combination of elemental materials, emits a specific frequency when light reflects through it. When a gemstone is applied to the body or in a room, our innate frequencies recognize the gemstone’s frequency and strive to come into resonance with it. We do the same kind of frequency matching when we hear sound frequencies, whether from musical instruments, words, chants, or street noise. Ideally, the frequencies of the gemstone (or sound) is of a therapeutic quality, and thus uplifting and supportive to the person’s energies.

Gemstones have been used by people to support and balance their energies for thousands of years. In Eastern traditions, Ayurveda and traditional Chinese Medicine prescribe certain gemstones to help particular ailments. In Western traditions, crystals and gemstones have been used in everything from healing placements to currently popular gem waters.

Modern Gemstone Therapy involves the use of gemstones shaped into drilled spheres. These spheres pull energies through their drilled center and radiate out in all directions. Our own bodies draw energies through a central channel in the middle of our bodies, then radiates in all directions through our energy field. Thus, spheres are the ideal therapeutic form of gemstones for working with people because our bodies can more easily recognize energies flowing in a familiar way.

Gemstones can be applied on the body or in the aura. Particular combinations of gemstones are used for specific purposes, like nourishing or clearing. Precise arrangements of gemstone spheres using particular geometries, called “gemandalas”, can be created during a session to provide a person with the exact combination of frequencies needed to support healing.

The variety of uses of therapeutic gemstones is vast, and demonstrates how much we are supported by the minerals of the Earth.

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