Note: "Diamond" pictured is not to scale.
Note: “Diamond” pictured is not to scale.

Diamond Therapy is a particular subset of Gemstone Therapy involving – you guessed it – diamonds. Diamonds are particularly well-suited to supporting humans energetically because of the carbon connection. Diamonds are formed exclusively from carbon atoms. Carbon is the basis of all life on earth, including humans. Carbon is the primary component in most of the molecules in our bodies, and provides the basic structure and frameworks through the stable bonding of carbon atoms to other atoms.

Energetically, therapeutic diamonds help us to connect with the core structures of ourselves. The three-dimensional carbon matrix that makes diamonds the hardest substance on the planet has echoes in our own carbon matrix. Diamond helps us to fill in energetic holes in our matrix, to get all parts of ourselves back into organized alignment, and to help us make stable connections inwardly and outwardly. Diamond supports us to let go of what is not a part of our essential framework. Diamond energy connects us to our truest self.

Diamond Therapy can be a stand-alone therapy, or can be performed in conjunction with other healing modalities.

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