Examples of Gemstone Yoga tools
Examples of Gemstone Yoga tools

Developed by Isabelle Morton of the Gemstone Therapy Institute, Gemstone Yoga is a series of exercises that infuses the body’s systems with therapeutic gemstone energies. In Sanskrit, yoga means “union” and “connection”, and refers to the union of mind, body, and spirit that occurs during certain spiritual and physical practices. Gemstone Yoga brings the healing energetic frequencies of gemstones together with the body’s key systems in order to nurture, cleanse, and balance the body energetically.

Each of the systems of the body, such as the circulatory system or the nervous system, has a “window” on the physical body. These windows are access points to the energetic levels of that particular system. By placing gemstone spheres at the system windows, with the associated yoga movements, one can draw the frequencies of the gemstone energies into that system in order to support that system at all energetic levels.

Gemstone Yoga is an energy healing practice for the body, and the exercises are gentle enough for people of all physical activity levels.

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